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April 14, 2000 - Training Flight

How could you lose a field that big?

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We're flying "Big Green" again today, launching from Steve Ushchak's field in Cheshire, CT. Winds are light and variable with a predominant push from the south-southwest, taking us toward Southington. Along the course of our 2.5 mile, 45 minute flight, we attempt several touch-and-go landings. We also practice navigation using the wind directions available to us. The wind layer that gives us some right starts at about 1,000 MSL. However, I keep dropping back down into the left drift, in the process blowing several chances at touch and go landings in the biggest and easiest fields for miles around!
For our final approach and landing, we're aiming for Recreation Park in Southington, CT. This time I go too high (ending up at almost 1,500 MSL) although that allows us to descend rapidly to complete the planned approach, which is just as well as we're now on the second of our two tanks, and a drift to the left would take us over downtown Southington and force us to wait some time before landing.

This picture of our final approach to landing was snapped by Erwin Dressel. Erwin was chasing for Kevin Brielmann, also in the air over Cheshire this morning.

We land a little short in the equally suitable grounds of South End elementary school (it's 7am and the place is deserted).
[Santo and Jim in the basket, Macarena setting out to find the best spot to lay the balloon down, Bill behind the camera!] Click here for an even larger picture [250kb]

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